Action Groups

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  • Agroforestry

    thematic-yellow The Agroforestry Action Group is all about designing forest gardens in Luxembourg. We also further the cause of agroforestry within the department of Agriculture and with agriculture education.

  • Resilience Research

    thematic-yellowThis is the Research unit of CELL. It develops seminars suited to the needs of groups, organisations and individuals, does commissioned research around sustainability and resilience issues.

Luxembourg Transition Magazine Ö! March 2019

We hope you’ll enjoy the 40th edition of the Luxembourg Transition Magazine ö!
Nous espérons que vous aller apprécier cette 40éme édition du magazine de la Transition ö!
in this editition / dans cette édition :
Le climat… une histoire de femmes
World Overshoot Day ? And the winner is…
Ma planète – un film sur des initiatives du Luxembourg qui protègent la planète et le climat
…and much more / …et plus encore !