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Action Groups

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  • Agroforestry

    The Agroforestry Action Group is all about designing forest gardens in Luxembourg. We also further the cause of agroforestry within the department of Agriculture and with agriculture education.
  • Resilience Research

    This is the Research unit of CELL. It develops seminars suited to the needs of groups, organisations and individuals, does commissioned research around sustainability and resilience issues.

Weaving the Web of Life: An Introduction to Deep Ecology “Grace happens when we act with others on behalf of our world.” ― Joanna Macy What is Deep Ecology? Deep ecology is a philosophy based on the recognition that all life is interconnected in mutual relationship, and that considers the earth as a living organism. Deep ecology is a growing international movement for social, cultural, economic and environmental change with roots in mystical traditions and science. Deep ecology promotes personal growth in the sense of being in relationship with all living things. It is a guide to our everyday action and practice to develop futureproof, regenerative culture. Deep Ecology is unique in that it brings together, in respectful exchange and in holistic fashion, the conceptual, emotional, spiritual and practical socio-political work. Deep Ecology sees all life on Earth as a web – a great self-regulating system, which is characterised by the interdependence ...