Groupes D’Action

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  • Agroforesterie

    Le groupe d’action Agroforesterie s’intéresse à la conception des jardins forestiers au Luxembourg.

  • Recherche en résilience

    Unité de recherche du CELL. Il développe des séminaires adaptés aux besoins des groupes, des organisations et des individus.

These workshops are focusing on the social tools we all need to build strong and resilient communities, act collectively and unleash our collective wisdom.
Often, projects fail because of the human factor, although we have great tools to work together in ways that bring out everyone’s potential and makes us work together for the benefit of all.
As the Transition Tools workshops are built in a modular fashion, you can sign up to the workshops individually (€100/day/participant) or benefit from the entire system as one single training block (€250/participant for the entire 15 hours of training, of which 9 hours of class, plus a recommended and assessed 6 hours self-directed project documentation). People signing up for the training block will receive a Transition Tools Certificate at completion of the full hours of training and the self-directed project. CELL’s Terms and Conditions can be found here.
All workshops will be held in English. …